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What is DrawMyCharacter?

It's a way to get your favorite role playing game character drawn by a professional artist. The idea is for a hand-picked cadre of artists with a variety of styles to be available to draw your character. Currently, that cadre is me, Denis Loubet.

Eventually, there will be a website for Drawmycharacter with all the bells and whistles. Buttons to push and forms to fill out will make things very simple and linear. Ultimately, Drawmycharacter is merely a way to get people who want their characters drawn in touch with the professional artists who can draw them.

Why I'm running a Patreon Project!

In part so I can make my work for Drawmycharacter economically feasable for me without raising prices! The more patrons I get, the more time I can afford to spend on each character. And depending on how well it goes, the more swag I can offer to my customers and my backers. So the more people who back me, the more you get, so let all your friends know.

Here's my Rate Sheet!

Rates are for a single, all digital, full-body character by Denis Loubet.

Sketches. . . . . . . . . .$35.00

Colored Sketch. . . . . . .$50.00

Finished Pencils. . . . . .$100.00

Colored Finished Pencils. .$130.00

Inked B&W . . . . . . . . .$150.00

Colored Inks. . . . . . . .$200.00

Loose Painting. . . . . . .$500.00 to $1,000.00

Full Painting . . . . . . .$1,500.00 to $2,000.00

Head-and-shoulders portraits -50%.

Not taking orders at the moment

I'll try to get to them in groups of 3, and let you know when I'm available. Payment can be made through Paypal.

If you want to get on the list, just drop me an email at dloubet@prismnet.com so I can let you know about my availability.

Here are questions to help you describe your character.

The following questions are examples of the information I need to draw your character. The more information you provide, the closer the result will be to your vision. The less information you provide, the more I will exercise my professional art skills to make a cool character for you. It's up to you! If you have a reference image, send it along!

Name of Character:

  • What do we call your character?

Your Email Address:

  • Send me email at the address at the bottom of these questions!

Level of Drawing

  • Digital Sketch
  • Digital Sketch with Color
  • Digital Finished Pencils
  • Digital Finished Pencils with Color
  • Digital Inks
  • Digital Inks with Color
  • Digital Painting

Full Figure or Portrait?

  • Close-ups are compelling for a reason. But full figures show off your warez.

Realistic or Cartoon?

  • Realistic is nice and nuanced, but Cartoon gets instantly to the essence of your character.

Action or Rest?

  • Swinging that sword with a snarl is always cool, but there's a lot to be said for staring grimly off into the distance. Describe the stance.


  • Attitude is arguably the most important aspect of the picture and defines the mood of the piece. It informs all the artistic decisions. Not all characters are grim harbingers of death. Happy and sad are valid emotions, as are Devil-may-care, rueful, sultry, haggard, melancholy, etc. Come up with the attitude that defines your character.


  • Is it male or female? What is its physical build, massive weight lifter or sleek marathon runner? What is the color of the skin and hair?

The Head

  • Does your character have a helmet or hat or hood? Any facial hair? Glasses? Cigar? Pointy ears? Jewelry? Tattoos? What's the hairstyle?


  • What kind of clothing or armor? Is it bulky or skin-tight? Are there straps or pouches? Busty or pert?

Arms and Hands

  • What kind of clothing or armor? Bulky or skin-tight? Gloves or gauntlets? Any rings or bracers? How many fingers?

Legs and Feet?

  • What kind of clothing or armor? Bulky or skin-tight? Boots or high-heels? Feet, paws, or hooves?

Special Features

  • Does your character have special features like a tail, or horns. Is it an anthropomorphic "furry" character, or an alien grey with antennae?


  • What kind of weapons or shields does your character carry? Perhaps a wizard's staff, or magical wand.
That's it. If your character is stranger than these questions can handle, don't worry, just describe your character as best you can, and I'll ask for details if I'm not sure. You can reach me at: dloubet@prismnet.com