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This is but a small portion of what I've done. I'll be adding much more in coming weeks, so watch for this gallery to grow bigger. Enjoy!

Notes on My Art:

These galleries are but a small fraction of the work I've done over 30 years in the gaming industry. As at times an owner, and an employee, I've done everything from painting game covers to 3D in-game cinematics. I'm going to try to bring a lot more of that work here on this site.

Some of this art is brick-and-mortar traditional media, but most of it is digital from start to finish. I eagerly jumped on the digital bandwagon because I figured it would be healthier than playing around with substances like Pthalocyanine green and Cadmium red light. Heavy metals aside, that wasn't the only reason, a big draw to digital art was simply the UNDO button. OMG! The freedom that granted me more than made up for the pain of transition. So now I draw directly on my Cintiq monitor, taking advantage of layers, blending modes, and the inevitable UNDO button.