What I'm Doing!

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I've opened a 3D printing storefront at Shapeways. Currently it's full of Ankh Pendants and Virtue Amulets, but I'll be adding new stuff all the time.

Shapeways will print your order in wax, and then cast it in your choice of material! It takes about three weeks to get your item from start to finish, so plan accordingly.


I've launched a Patreon Project, and you can help! Depending on the funding goals I meet, you can get a copy of All the Art I produce every month. When I make a drawmycharacter drawing, you'll get a copy. When I paint a cover, you'll get a copy. When I scribble something on a napkin, you'll get a copy!

Once that funding goal is met, you own me. If I accept further contract work, that contract will have to stipulate a date when I can send you a copy of the art I produce for that contract, or I won't do it. I'm serious. As long as the Patreon project is active at that level, you get my total output. And freebies. Oh yes, there will be freebies.

I will also poll suggestions from those backing the project on what I should do next! Do you want me to do posters, or 3D printed dice? Do you want me to create an animation, or try my hand at a web comic? The possibilities are limitless.

And don't be afraid of Patreon! For as little as a dollar a month, you can be a part of my growing body of work. And you can set a monthy cap so you don't go over your budget! Patreon is for funding the artists you like, so fund at whatever level is comfortable for you, and get your friends involved too because the funding goals impact what you get!

Where I'm Going!

I appeared at Dragon's Lair on Saturday the 22nd of November!

I appeared at Dragon's Lair here in Austin Texas, along with other independent artists. I had my art supplies with me, and even had my dog there, but stormy weather kept the crowds away.

I did manage to draw my first Pikachu, and sketched out a cartoon version of Lord Blackthorn from the Ultima series.

What They're saying!

Here's where I have my ear to the ground.

Article on my SotA Concept Art!
The Ultima Codex has a big article on the early Shroud of the Avatar character concept art I did. So far the comments have been kind to me.

Featured on the SotA Site!
Shroud of the Avatar update 14 kindly features mention of my Patreon campaign. You should all go there and check out Shroud of the Avatar!

Look! I have BUZZ!!!
I've never had buzz before. My thanks go to Ultima Codex!